Monday, 11 December 2017

Messages Umrah gives

All people around the world go to Umrah throughout every year around the world. And some wishes to go the Umrah at least for the ones in his life and enjoy the blessings of the holy places. For them, many travel agencies started offering the different Umrah tour packages for London Muslims. So that they may be able to perform Umrah and get benefits and reward of performing Umrah and get the message which the Umrah gives. 

Well, there are several messages which Umrah gave to the peoples who perform it and those messages which are given by Umrah are as follow,


Umrah gives us the message of patience while performing Umrah a person leaves his home, bear the expenses of it he cut off his hairs, took care of other and bore hardships, be humble and kind to everyone no matter who he may get treated by the people this gives the message of patience to a person. He fulfills all its aspects as pre-defined. Sometime during Tawaf and Sai many people get hurt but still keep on doing it this is a message of patience that bore hardships and at the end, you will get the reward of it. 

As Allah says in Quran,

“Be patient and never lose the rope of Allah surely he will give you the reward and his blessings”


In Umrah people come from the different regions of the world some are rich and some are poor but while performing Umrah all the peoples are wearing the same clothes and stand by each other shoulder to shoulder all of its aspects are same for everyone. There rich as well as poor doing the same things, eat same things, and offer Namaz side by side to each other these things gives us the message that everyone is equal in the sight of Allah.

As Allah says in Holy Quran,

“You all are equal in the sight of Allah”

Care for the People:

Before going for Umrah a person has to visit the people around him and ask them to forgive him if he had hurt his feels. If they all will forgive him then he can go for Umrah otherwise his Umrah will not be consider and from the Niyat till the Umrah ends he has to be polite with the people no violence or anything that can hurt someone's feelings. When a person is doing Tawaf and Sai he feels the hunger and thirst and then he imagine the hunger and thirst of the needy. And then coming after he helped them all. 

As Allah says in Quran,

”Love the creation of Allah so that he may show his blessing unto you”

These are the some of the messages which Umrah gives us. And make us better and “Renew Our Emman”.  

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