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Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba During Hajj and Umrah

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba Shami Corner

The Levantine corner or the Shami Corner has been named as to the way that, this corner confronts the State of Sham. Otherwise called the Rukn e Gharbi, this is the edge of the Kaaba that comes after Hijr Ismail. At the time of Ibrahim (A.S), a semi hover between the two sides of the Kaabah, the Shami corner and the Iraqi corner and they made the state of Hijr Ismail (a.s). It remains a settled practice of the nobles to touch every side of the Kaabah amid the Tawaaf.

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba Iraqi Corner

Iraqi corner or the Rukn al-Shimali is a corner that comes after the Kaabah's entryway before one scopes to the Hijr Ismail. Amid the Ibrahim (A.S's) time, there was a half circle between the two edges of the Kaabah, Shami corner and the Iraqi corner, and they made the state of Hijr Ismail (a.s). It remains a settled practice of the nobles to touch every edge of the Kaabah amid the Tawaaf. This edge of the Kaabah faces the Iraq state.

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba Yamani Corner

Yamani corner or the Rukn e Yamni is a side of the Kaaba, which confronts the place of Yemen. The divider inverse to the Hajar e Aswad contains this side of the Kaaba. It is described by the Abdullah Bin Abbas (R.A) that the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, made Istilaam of this corner. This corner still taking into account the foundation assembled by the Ibrahim (A.S). The term Istilaam, means touching the corner, either by hands or by kissing. The act of touching the Yamani Rukn by hands, is the Sunnah e Nabvi, peace be on him.

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba Hijr Al Kaabah

The bow molded region nearby the Kaabah is known as the Hateem. This part is otherwise called the Hijr Ismail as this was the spot where Hazrat Ibrahim constructed an asylum for the Islmail and his mom Hajrah. A few researchers are from the perspective that the graves of Ismail and his mom Hajra untruth covered under the Hijr Ismail. Yet, the source is feeble (Daeef). A territory of right around 3 meters adjoining the mass of the Kaabah on side of Hateem, really constitute a piece of the Kaabah, while, rests falls outside. This must be recalled that the Twaaf of the Kaabah must be performed outside the whole locale of the Hateem.

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba Black stone Corner

The dark stone is situated in the eastern corner of the Kaabah, otherwise called the Hajr e Aswad. This is the point to begin and end the Tawaaf. All through the ages, a progression of the Prophets (counting Muhammad, peace be on him), Sahabah Karam, devout individuals and millions and billions of the Muslims touches the stone with their lips amid their Hajj andUmrah. This stone was conveyed from the Jannah to present Ibrahim (A.S) to place in one edge of the Kaabah. It is described by a genuine source that the blessed Prophet, peace be on him, said, when the stone was brought from the Jannah, it was whiter than milk, yet turned dark, because of the wrongdoings of the Adam's children.

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba Maqam E Ibrahim (A.S)

It alludes to the stone on which Ibrahim (A.S) remained on when he constructed the Kaabah. It is phenomenally begun ascending, ever more elevated as the building of dividers rose. His foot shaped impressions stayed in the stone as a memory for his devotees among the decendants. The essentials of this spot can be accepted by the way that it is a spot for the execution of the Salah.

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba ZamZam

Zamzam is the sacred spring of water really the wonder of the Haram and Arab. The name of the well originates from the representation 'Zome', importing 'quit streaming', which was the charge of the Hajara whilst her endeavors to contain the spring water. Presently the Zamzam water has been supplied by means of a pipeline to the Haram for the Holy Pilgrims. They can drink it, utilize it for Wudu and even can bring with them from that point put away in containers.

Holy Ziyarat of Kaaba To the As Safa

In accordance with the Maqam e Ibrahim, the path prompts the As Safa mount outside the Haram. The mount As Safa is put in the strolling distance from the Haram. The Saee constituting the fundamental organ of the Hajj and Umrah, finishes by strolling in these two Mounts, As Safa and Al Marwah. The explorers are obliged to walk seven times to finish an entire Saee. The supernatural presence of the Zamzam well is near to these Mounts.
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