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What is Umrah

Umrah is as follow

The non-compulsory lesser pilgrimage made by Muslims to Makkah, which may be performed at any time and whenever you want in a year.”

There are 4 pillars of Umrah 

1. IHRAM ( piece of white clothes)
2. TAWAF ( circling around the Masjid-ul-Haram)
3. SAI        ( 7 rounds between Safa and Marwa)

NOW! The question is HOW TO PERFORM IT AS PER DEFINED IN ISLAMIC QUESTION? We are here to guide you about its performance in deep detail with all of its aspects. December Umrah packages!

How To Perform Umrah

We are here to guide all of our readers about Umrah in its full form as follow, there are some several steps that should be done while performing Umrah.


It is for both men and women that they should shave their underarms, cut nails of foot and hands, men must be properly shaved and mochas must also be shaved. For women, she must cut the tips of her hairs.


It is wearing of IHRAM. It is different for men and women. For men, they should wear a sheet of white cloth around the waist and cover the upper body with the other piece. For women, their everyday outfit can be their ihram as long as their aura is covered.


It is TAWAF. Same for both men and women, when the pilgrim reaches Makkah he goes to Masjid-ul-haram to circumambulate around the ka’abah 7 times, starting and ending at the JAJAR-AL-ASWAD. There are no supplications for tawaf but there are several recommended supplication for example;

Rabbana aatina fi’l-dunya hasanah wa fi’l-aakhirah hasanah wa qina ‘adhaab al-naar


“allahu akbar, suban allah or Alhamdulillah”


The 4 step is SAI. It is to run or make effort but as a Hajj or Umrah term, Sai denotes walking back and forth 7 times between the hills of Safa and Marwa. Begin sai by climbing onto the mount of Safa facing the ka;abah and reciting Surah al Baqrah Ayat NO (158). Followed by saying “Allahu Akbar” three times. Afterward, come down mount Safa and proceed to mount Marwa whilst reciting

‘Allah-hu-Akbar, Suban Allah or Alhamdulillah’

Repeat it 6 times and at the seven 7 round walk which will end at Safa, face the ka’abah and make dua to Allah.


Tahallul in Hajj or Umrah refers to the dissolution or ending the state of Ihraam by virtue of which all restrictions of Hajj or Umrah return lawfully. A pilgrim who makes thallus is not in the state of Ihraam and no longer performing Umrah. After SAI men should get their heads totally shaved or cut them a bit. Both shaving and trimmed are allowed for men, though shaving is nicer, for women however allowed to have a lock if their hairs trimmed since they are forbidden to shave their heads. If you want to go for umrah you can contact with Umrah experts. They have cheap December umrah packages with luxury Hotel.

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