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Anas A.S

Anas A.S

Anas bin Maalik ibn Nadar al-Khazraji Al-Ansari. He born in 612, and the tradition about his death varies from 709 and 712. Hazrat Anas was a well-known companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He was from the Banu Khazraj and an Ansar. He Was born ten years prior to the Hijrah (migration) of the Muhammad, peace be upon him, to the Bani Khazraj, which was a tribe of Yathrib. Anas A.S was present in the Medinah during the time when Muhammad, peace be upon him, was there and after that too. He was one, who longest lived from the companions of the Muhammad, peace be upon him, and died 93 years after the Hijrat e Medinah. This time was approximately 711 CE. Having birth to the Umm Sulaim, of the Banu Najjar, and Malik ibn Nadr. His father died as a non Muslim, and his mother remarried to a newly converted man. He was presented as a servant to the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, by his mother at an early age. He not only served the Prophet, peace be upon him, but after the death of Muhammad, peace be upon him, in 632, he took part in the wars of conquest, and went to Damascus and later settled there in the Basra. The myth associated with the great companions of the Muhammad, peace be upon him, have great attraction for the Muslim readers. Out of these notions, a very famous incident is attached with the Anas A.S. Some guests came to visit Hazrat Anas Bin Maalik, once. He served them with a meal. During the entertainment, the tablecloth became dirty and discolored, as some curry having fallen upon it make it daub. Hazrat Anas A.S asked of the maid servant to heave it into the burning furnace. The servant did same as she was commanded by the Hazrat Anas. It made the guests astonished, what the Sahabi-e-Rasool, PBUH, commanded to the servant. As the tablecloth was thrown into the furnace, the guests started waiting for the appearance of the smoke of the burning cloth from the furnace. But instead of that, when the tablecloth was removed from there, it was not only still intact but also had become clean. On this the guests inquired from the Hazrat Anas A.S that: "O Companion of Rasool, peace be upon him, why did this tablecloth not burn in the fire? And instead of burning, had become perfectly clean' On which he replied to the guests that: "The reason for the tablecloth not burning is this that on various occasions Rasulullah, sallalahu alayhe wasallam, cleansed his hands and lips with the cloth". The incident directs that the fire can do no harm to the cloth which touched the Prophet, peace be upon him, then how could it possible that the heart which is enlightened by the love for the Prophet, peace be upon him and the Almighty, how could be burned in the fire of hell. The Muslims travel to the Makkah for the love of the Almighty, and undertake the Umrah. The Umrah Experts provides cheap 3 star Umrah 2018 Deals with group with hotel and flight, are the best way to undertake your Umrah from all over the UK.
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