Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Noble, Sacred Place in Islam, The City of Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is referred to in Arabic as Al-Quds or Baitul-Maqdis. Jerusalem is maybe the main city on the planet that is considered verifiable and profoundly significant to Jews, Christians, and Muslims similarly. The fact that Jerusalem is the focus of interest for many religions, not only raised its worth for the believers, but also proved to be a bone of contention between these sects.

It has been the center of the people believing in one God. Jerusalem is known as the place where there are several Prophets, peace be upon them. They all educated the Oneness of Allah. It had proved to start with Qiblah for Muslims. Jerusalem was the Muslims’s first Qiblah, the direction toward which Muslims turn in for their prayers. After almost 16 months of the Hijrah e Medinah it was the time when the Muhammad (peace be upon him) was told to change the Qibla from Jerusalem to Makkah (Al Quran, Baqarah:142-144). It is narrated by legitimate source, that the holy Prophet said, "There are only three mosques to which you must set out on a journey: the sacrosanct mosque, this mosque of Nbvi PBUH, and the mosque of Al-Aqsa." 

Masjid e Aqsa in Jerusalem is the site of nightly journey of the Muhammad, peace be on him. It is Jerusalem that Muhammad, PBUH, went to amid his night voyage and climb (called Isra' and Mi'raj). In one night, the heavenly attendant Gabriel wonderfully took the Prophet from the Sacred Mosque in Makkah to the Furthest Mosque (Al-Aqsa) in Jerusalem. He was then taken up to the sky to be directed by the Allah. The Prophet congregates with past prophets and drove them in supplication to Allah. He was then taken back to Makkah. The entire experience kept going a couple of hours of a night.

The Quran reveals the incident as: All the Greatness belongs to the Allah, who did take His Prophet for a night voyage, from the holy mosque to the farthest mosque, whose expanse We did favor - in place that We may give him some of Our suggestions. For He is the One who hears and knows all things." 
This night adventure further fortified the connection in the heart of Makkah and Jerusalem as holy cities, and also as an example for each Muslim's intense dedication and otherworldly association with Jerusalem.

It is the faith of each Muslim that the Holy Land will be restored to a place where there is peace. Muslims, according to the Hadith of their beloved Prophet, peace be on him, went to visit all these three mosques. When they go Makkah for visiting the holy mosque, Kaabah, the Umrah became obligatory for them. It is binding on every Muslim going to the Makkah, with what so ever reason, to undertake the specific rites known as the Umrah (there is an exception present). Umrah is the honored dream of each and every religious heart, which has been made easier now by the Umrah Experts provides cheap 3 star Umrah 2018 Deals with group with hotel and flight suppliers.

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