Friday, 11 September 2015

Descendants of Adam (AS)

Islam rejects the concept of Christianity of original sin and the idea of all human are born sinners due to the actions of Adam. God says in the Holy Quran: 
“And no barrier of burdens shall bear another’s burden.” (Quran 35:18)
Each and every human being is accountable for his or her actions and is born pure and free from sin. Adam (AS)and Eve (Mother Hawwa) committed a mistake, they regret sincerely and God in His infinite wisdom forgave them.

“Then they both ate of that tree, and so their private parts appeared to them, and they started to stick on themselves the leaves from Paradise for their covering. Thus did Adam disobey his Lord, so he went astray. Then his Lord chose him, and turned to him with forgiveness and give him guidance.” (Quran 20:121-122). This time was the initial stage of Islam and Umrah Packages from London, United Kingdom and five pillars of Islam these basics came after the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This experience was necessity lesson and demonstrated free will. Adam (AS) and Eve (Mother Hawwa) were to live on earth, they required to be aware of the tactics and schemes of Satan (Iblis), they also required to understand the dire consequences of sin, and the infinite Mercy and Forgiveness of God. God knew that Adam (AS) and Eve (the mother Hawwa) would eat from the tree which was forbidden to them. Allah knew that Satan would strip away their innocence. It is important to understand that, although God knows the result of events before they happen and allows them, he does not compel things to happen. Prophet Adam (AS) had free will and bore the effects. There are many announcements on the subject of where on earth Prophet Adam (AS) and Eve (The Mother Hawwa) descended, although no one of them come from the Holy Quran or Sunnah. At that time Umrah Experts low price 3 star Hajj 2018 Offers with group from London with hotel and flight was not used to be done. Because, Allah didn’t ordered to build his house in this world.
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