Monday, 30 January 2017

Importance of Salah

Salah is one of the five Pillars of Islam. It’s an essential religious duty for every Muslim. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual act of worship that is offered five times every day at specific times. In this ritual act, a worshiper recites some definite verses of Quran. The prayers were made obligatory when the Prophet Muhammad ascension to heaven. We can estimate the value of prayer by these words of Holy Prophet peace be upon him that most virtuous act is a real manner, there is a specific way of prayer with true remembrance of Allah Almighty and then every person turn to Him for always gives comfort to all true Muslims and without prayer Muslim a true Muslim feel himself as a bird in a cage. 

There are five prayers that a Muslim offer in one day named as Fajr, Zohr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha. Each of them has one specific time to supplicate. And those timings are fixed by Allah Almighty. The main purpose of Salah is the remembrance of Allah Almighty. And when you do this five times a day you will feel a specific feeling of satisfaction in your personality. You have fear about every bad activity before even thinking about it. it will sound like the pricks of conscience that hinder you from every bad act. The significance of prayer can be estimated as its been revised much time in the Holy book as well as Hadith from the Holy Prophet peace be upon him. If your prayer is sound and proper it means you offer it as it has right to do it then you must be good in all deeds of your life but if you don’t get absoluteness in your prayers, you could not be able to sound and proper in your other deeds. 

The temptation of evil is much higher in human nature because it attracted a person like a magnet. But unwillingly man go towards it due to infancy. But if you are punctual in your prayers and quite careful about them then it will enhance the power of your faith enough to distinguish you between good and bad. It enhances the ability and increases the fear of Almighty in the heart of Momin. The mesmerizing effect of Salah is that it saves us from many evils and gives confidence of faith and constancy. And this effect will be multiplying when you will be the desired place of every Muslim “Makkah”. Many people have the desire to go and offer prayers but sometimes our budget is not more than enough to meet the expenses of journey and accommodations. To accomplish your utmost desires, we have brought for you the Best Umrah Package. We always try to facilitate you in every aspect to give you comfort and best possible luxuries for this sacred journey.

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