Thursday, 23 March 2017

Manners of Visiting the Graves

Every living thing has to die now and then but exactly on its time.That’s why we should realize the importance of this life that is meaning less as we are just here for some specific period of time. And we don’t even know that period and nobody could be able to judge that for how much time you can live here and how many years you have left in your life. if you are going to perform umrah with five star best umrah package Uk with Luxury umrah flight package. Then you must visit Jannat ul Baqi, the place where most of the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) companions are buried.

Graves are our eternal home where we have to go soon or later. All the charming’s of life end up with the grave where you have empty hands and only thing that can help you there is only your good deeds. It is the rule of any society or the any religion in this world that you must adopt those terms that are applicable in any society. if you do good then people will keep you in good worlds but if you do bad deeds then you must be known as bad person and indeed nobody will remember you ever. Here lies the concept in lots of brains that you only live once so enjoy your life as much as you want.But reality is totally different than it appears to be with the behavior of the people. as what we think this is the end of the life it is just a beginning of your life. the real life starts from your grave. We always try to make the luxuries in our lives as to be rich enough to buy each expensive thing of this world. we have desired to every luxury of life but never think about the luxuries of the life after death. Today we think about the future of the generation as to become an engineer, doctor, or scientist but why we don’t consider those things that are necessary for our children the answer lies only in our hearts that we have scattered from our religion and we are developing such habits that is creating distance with religion. If you want a peaceful life then you must follow the Islamic rules without which you are nothing and if you have money you should go for umrah with five star best umrah package Uk with Luxury umrah flight package.

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Therefore, we should keep our company good enough to have the blessed environment in our life and after life as well. We should avail form the best opportunities that urges us towards religion that’s why we are organizing the Ramadan Umrah Packages for Groups from London, England. we should not lose any chance that is our benefits not only for this world but also to make the way towards Heaven.

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