Thursday, 9 November 2017

Some Interesting Facts About Islamic Culture

The most discussed religion in the world is the Religion of Peace or Islam and people have many confusions regarding Islam. They don’t understand the Islam and have no knowledge about Islam. And the same condition with Muslims too, now they get as much information and data about the Religion of Peace as possible and its need at present for a Muslim nation. Now, let us see some facts about the Islam, which are given below,


To enter in the Islam, a person needs a Kalmah Taiba. It is guaranteed and a declaration from Muslim that he has strong faith in Allah and His Last Prophet (PBUH) and Last Book Holy Quran. If a person has faith in Allah but he is not believing in Holy Prophet (PBUH), his faith will not be completed without believing in Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).


After Kalmah, Salah is most important factor in the Islam and Salah is compulsory on every Muslim.  Allah has ordered us to perform the Salah five times in a day. Salah plays the main role to differentiate the Muslims from other nations. Every Salah has its own significance and benefits. Therefore, performing Salat as only a compulsion that has to be obtainable is just discouragement it’s latent. 


In the Religion of Peace, Zakat is obligatory worship for the Muslims and they follow its proper manner. It’s a Sunnah to help the needy and poor in the time of troubles. Allah has set some rules regarding Zakat for the Muslims. If someone is not able to pay Zakat and not rich enough, there is no compulsion on him to pay.  


The misconception in Islam regarding marriage increases day by day. Even, Muslims also misunderstand the concept of marriage such as Islam permits them to have four wives at once. But, if the first wife gives the permission to marry another woman then husband marry her. Other case is that the first wife has died or a person gives a divorce to her, then he can marry another lady but, he fulfills the all requirements of her first wife as well. Islam secures the women and gives the rights.


The Western people think that Islam doesn’t give the rights of women such as freedom, respect, equality etc. but, this concept is totally wrong. Before the Islam, women were treated as an animal and they buried the newly born girl but, Islam gave them rights and respect in the society. The woman gets the respect in the form of mother, sister, wife and through another relation. 


Hajj is also an important factor of the Islam and Allah has set rules regarding Hajj as who can perform Hajj. The Hajj is a gift for the Muslims because, if they perform Hajj in right way and fulfill the instructions which is given by Allah then Allah forgive their previous sins and evils. Must perform the Hajj and Umrah with 4 Star Family Umrah Packages 2018 from UK and make your journey memorable and comfortable. 

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