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Hazrat Umar A.S Ziyarat

Hazrat Umar A.S Ziyarat

The Muslim Caliph during the most difficult time between 656 and 661 CE was the Ali (a.s). This era coincided with the first Muslim civil war. Hazrat Ali (a.s) reigned over Rashidun empire. This empire was extended from Central Asia in the east to North Africa in the west. The Muslims consider his government as the basic Islamic style of justice and tolerance on one side and tough following of Islamic law on the other. His full name was Ali ibn Abi Talib. The Muawiya exercised the motives of old enmity and opposition towards Ali after he had taken over as Caliph. The charge of Usman’s death was trumpeted up against Ali and allowed the excuse of Muawiya enough to unfurl the standard of revolt against him. Muawiya by alleging a frivolous charge against Ali (a.s), incited the Syrians against Ali to a feverish pitch by indoctrinating them with a belief. Hazrat Ali (a.s) belonged to the clan of Banu Hashim, the most significant clan in all Arabia, he belonged to the most distinguished families in the Banu Hashim. This was the family of Abdul Muttalib, who had ten sons, two of them were Abdullah, the father of Muhammad Mustafa, and Abu Talib. These were son from the same mother. The mother of Ali (a.s), Fatima bint Asad, was the second woman in all Arabia to accept Islam, the first being Khadija, and she also was the foster mother of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Who brought up Prophet, peace be upon him, more in his childhood and he calls her mother. The father of Ali (a.s) was the defender of the Islam in the Makkah, and the protector and guardian of the Holy prophet, peace be upon him, as well. He remained undaunted in the face of opposition and threats from the pagans. Both in Makkah and the Medinah, the Prophet, peace be upon him, proclaimed that Ali is my brother in this world and there after. Ali (a.s) was the victor of the battle of Badr, who alone killed almost half of the Kaffar killed in that battle from the Makkans. He is the one to whom, the apostle of Allah, give her beloved daughter in marriage. Allah blessed his marriage with children, and made them the most devout servants of Allah. Their greatest pleasure in life was to wait upon their Lord. In the Uhud battle, Alli was among those who did not flee the field of battle, and saved the life of his master, Muhammad, peace be upon him that day. During the Medina siege, he killed Amr bin Abd Wudd, and saved Medina from being overrun, and its people from being massacred. With the conquest of Khyber, Islam became a state with territory, which was contested by the Ali (a.s), whereas, before that Islam was only a city-state, confined to the walls of the Medina. He was the secretary in the Treaty of Hudaybiya. The Prophet, peace be upon him, smashed idols of the Kabba, on the capitulation of Makkah and Ali rode his shoulders. Ali collaborated with Muhammad, the Messenger of God, from beginning to end, in constructing the framework of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The Muslims can never forget this great leader, 4th Caliph of Islam, who also was first cousin of Muhammad, PBUH. While going for the Hajj and Umrah, Muslims do not forget to visit the graves of these great leaders of Islam. These Zayarat are made a part of the Hajj and Umrah packages, which are designed and offered for the Muslims from all over the world. Hajj packages are offered for the Muslims who do want to undertake their Hajj in this year. The Umrah Package from London, England are available for through out the year for the Muslims to go for the Umrah as according to their availability.
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