Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Sudden rise in Umrah entrance

Sudden rise in Umrah 

Yesterday, Dr. Bandar Hajjar Hajj Minister said: The number of Umrah pilgrims who arrived in the Kingdom during the past three months arrived added than 1.6 million.

The minister said “We wait for the coming of a record number of Umrah pilgrims during this Ramadan,” adding that the total number of Shaban Umrah Package would exceed six million.
He said all management departments are working together to provide the necessary services to pilgrims. “During this Umrah season we expect enhance of 500,000 pilgrims compared to last year.”

He said the number of Umrah pilgrims’ increases by 10 % to 20 % every year.

Hajjar said the ministry approved meetings with council of Hajj missions in more than 70 countries to make early planning for the future Hajj period. “These meetings are aimed at helping these best hajj package london organizetheir pilgrims by educating them on Hajj rituals,” the ministers said.

Egypt, Algeria and Pakistan were likely to send the highest number of pilgrims, according to figures given by Saudi missions abroad. The minister said the expansion of mataf would not involve pilgrims as Saudi authorities have made arrangements to ensure their handiness.

Hajjar said the electronic path system for Umrah was working fine. “Our officials will inspect the services being provided to pilgrims by various companies and take action against negligent operators,” he additional said.
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