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Umrah: The Sunnah Of The Holy Prophet PBUH

Umrah: The Sunnah Of The Holy Prophet PBUH

Umrah is the mini pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba, which the Muslims can perform at any stage of their lives and anytime around the year. Umrah is not compulsory to perform for the Muslims but mostly muslim people want to go for umrah with five star best umrah package uk with Luxury umrah flight package. it is just their way to show their affiliation and love for their beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The House of Allah, the Almighty, has such an attraction for the Muslims of all the creed, color and nature that they can not stop themselves from flying to this Holy destination. The Muslims perform Umrah of the Makkah around the year. They take Umrah Experts provides affordable Umrah 2018 package with group with hotel and flight for facilitating their way to this holy destination. 

Umrah is a beautiful act of worship,  a sacrament that indicates the complete submission to the Allah. The rites of Umrah are only four. Entering into the state of Ahram, Tawaf of the Kaabah, Saee between the hills of As Safa and Al Marwah and Shaving or clipping of the hair. In the Umrah, pilgrims do not go to Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa or throw pebbles on the Jamrahs, stone pillars representing devils, or offer animal sacrifice. These rites are performed during Hajj only which is performed annually in the month of Zil Hijjah. 

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Umrah is Sunnat-e-Muakidah, which is neither imperative nor obligatory, but for the Muslims performing the Umrah at least once in a life time is Sunnat Muakidah. Once or more than once, whenever it is performed, it carries great rewards and the forgiveness of the previous sins of their lives. There is no fixed time day and month for the performance of Umrah but mostly people go to perform umrah in ramadan with five star best umrah package uk with Luxury umrah flight package, it can be performed any time one desires. The Holy Prophet PBUH performs Umrah twice in his lifetime independent of the Hajj. The travelers to the Kaaba are said to be the guests of the Almighty. The reward of the Umrah is only from the Allah.
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