Thursday, 28 April 2016

Merits of Namaz (Salah)

All religious obligations of Islam plays an essential and vital role in the social, economic, spiritual, intellectual, and personal grooming of Muslims.  Islam has touched all possible traits of human nature. Islam prepare human beings against all evil tactics through its teachings, commandment and religious obligations.  Namaz is one of the most central and rewarding worship of Islam. Namaz is customary prayer for all Muslims. Namaz is the process of physical movements coupled with spiritual attachments. Namaz is considered the most important worship of Islam. Umrah Experts low price Four star 2018 Umrah Offers from London with hotel and flight Namaz create a difference between Muslims and non-Muslims. There is a great reward for those who perform namaz in masjid as compared to others who offer Namaz it in their homes. Likewise Namaz in Masjid al-Ḥarām and Masjid Nabawi is superior to all other salats. These superior Namazs can be performed during hajj and umrah. For hajj and umrah there are many hajj packages and cheap hajj packages available.
Salah is an Arabic word which not only mean “prayer,” as “pray” basically denotes speech a prayer to God according to the Oxford dictionary. “Salah,” contains a wide-ranging meaning, which doesn’t only denotes prayer, but also means goodness, uprightness and sacredness. In Salah, who perform pray not only ask from Allah (SWT) but he also show gratitude Him, praise Him and at the same time receive guidance from Him. Salah in the true way is programming or conditioning.

The Namaz keep Muslims away from prohibited and discreditable activities, and inspires them to do virtuous and serviceable actions. Since humans have restricted free will, this training will help them and permit them to stay away from outlawed things, Umrah Experts low budget Hajj 2018 Deals with group from London with hotel and flight and order on what is not forbidden. A fit body needs three meals a day. Likewise, the divine soul wants five times Salah a day.

Besides achieving spiritual development from offering one’s Salah, one may also achieve many bodily and psychological welfares. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is recorded in a Hadith (Ibn Majah) stating that prayer is a therapy for many maladies. The knowledge in this claim can be understood when measuring the physical profits of the act of prayer.

The process of performing Salah demands certain actions and movements, these actions done at least five times a day have been found to associate to jogging or walking at a rate of three miles an hour.
Through Ruku in Salah, an extra blood runs into the upper part of the body. The spine becomes agile and elastic, while the spinal nerves are nurtured. Which lessen backache and pain. This is a good position for reducing flatulence. Ruku also expanses the inferior back, thighs, and calves while blood gets pumped into the upper torso. Bowing position tones stomach muscles, abdomen and kidneys. When someone come back to the standing posture, the blood which has entered into the upper part of the body, moves back to normal and the body is relaxed. Resultantly, this blood transmits away toxins and releases tightness.

Sujud, which is basically the prostration to the ground with eight parts of the body touching the floor, the forehead on the ground which is the best posture of Salah. It is the most appropriate part of Salah. Every day, the human beings are propounded by electrostatic charges from the air, which radiates sweat in the central nervous system which gets super-saturated¬.
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