Friday, 22 July 2016

Woman and Our Medieval values

Currently, our many theologians and Ulema typically profess that women have been given a special and important status in the Islam. But practically woman is still considered property of man and it is opposition of words of the Holy Quran and the position which Islam has allocated to her. We still witness same medieval standards and juristic formations using for women in our surroundings and become reason of defaming teachings of Islam. Our society is replete with such terrible incidents in which women are treating like animals. On the other hand, Islam does not promote and permit such treatment and behavior with woman in any case and at any cost. Actions of some ignorant and barbaric people have introduced Islam as religion of violence and oppression in the international spheres. Likewise, women who are far away from the injunctions of the Holy Quran, also presume that Islam has not given woman an equitable status with man in the society. Thus, they prefer secular laws and seek their salvation in it. Whereas, Islam has granted them an equal status with men in all walks of life.

Polygamy is one of the misunderstood concepts in which men have given complete authority to marry up to four women and it is commonly practiced in our societies. But if we read Holy Quran we come across some strictest possible conditions. The second marriage should be done in the rarest of rare cases and some stern conditions. For second marriage, execution of justice is must, otherwise it is prohibited to take second wife.

For second marriage, the consent and permission of first wife must be taken. In this regard, Pakistan has formulated a law which states that permission of first wife for second marriage is indispensable. The verses 4:3 and 4:129 are clearly speaks about the accomplishment of justice while having second wife. The Traditional people and thinker inquire about number of wives and never specks about the reasons why a man take another wife. On the other hand, Islam demands solid and genuine reasons for taking second wife in order to avoid any sort of injustice. If a man takes second wife without any solid reason and need, he must be accountable to in front of both wives. Similarly, for the process of divorce, the Holy Quran demands an attempt of settlement between husband and wife. Like Husband, wife is also given authority to appoint her own mediator and two arbitrators first listen their complaints and reasons of divorce then they can decide whether separation should occur or not. This is very handy and useful method and this concept is also prevailing secular courts.

It shows that the injunctions of Holy Quran are quite compatible with Except aforementioned verses, the words “husband” and “wife” are not used in the Holy Quran. It has used word like Zawjain (couple), which shows complete equity between both of them. To sort out this issue, I suggest first women must read and understand the words of the Holy Quran and traditions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and try to adopt analytical approach towards issues. Likewise, our ulema also must come forward to play their crucial role.
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