Thursday, 6 April 2017

Ways of Increasing Rizq in Islam

Before discussing the ways of increasing the Rizq, one should know the actual meaning of Rizq first. According to Sheikh Zulfiqar Ahmad, all the features that play role in the maintenance and survival of a person’s existence, fall under the categories of Rizq. It includes a person’s wealth, business, children and status as well. We see these day, that people follow inappropriate means of getting Rizq which are even haram in some cases. Today, the ultimate goal of each individual is to gain as much Rizq he can despite knowing the sources completely that are they even halal or not?

Islam has told some important ways through which we can increase our Rizq. First way is Taqwa. In this way, a Muslim avoids and refrains from all the bad deeds as much as he can. Taqwa is not only refraining from doing a bad thing, but also verbally saying anything and seeing anything that has been prohibited in Islam, should be avoided to show the true example of Taqwa. This surely increases the Rizq of a person by Allah’s blessings.

Second way is to say Astaghfar as much as you can in a day. Seeking Allah’s mercy and forgiveness by saying Astaghfar multiple times a day also increases the Rizq of a person. Each year, millions of Muslims perform the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah by utilizing the amazing packages like Five Star Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in Leeds. A beautiful sight can be seen when a Muslim cries in front of the holy Kaaba and says Astaghfar to seek for Allah’s mercy. Surely any prayer done in front of the Kaaba gets fulfilled hence one should make a Dua that May Allah increases the Rizq of each single person.

Third way of increasing Rizq is through praying five times a day. When a Muslim prays five times a day with a pure heart and show his utmost desire to Allah in terms of increasing the Rizq, then surely Allah listens to his prayers and makes his ways easy so that he can gather as much as Rizq of his fate. Fourth way is to have Tawaqal in Allah i.e. a strong faith in the blessings of Allah. Lastly, one should give as much as charity he can. When a person spends one penny for the sake of Allah, then Allah multiplies that penny and gives the reward to that person by increasing his Rizq.
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